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  1. Au pair Weekend-Trip: Cliffs of Moher/Galway/Bunratty Castle

    October 22 @ 9:00 am - October 23 @ 7:00 pm
  2. Daytrip to Dublin

    November 5 @ 9:30 am - 8:30 pm


What if, over a period of time we decide things aren’t working out?

First of all, it is rare that an Au pair and her host family do not run into a few problems here and there. The vast majority of these, however, are just that: small problems which can easily be resolved by a short, frank discussion of the reason why the problem has occurred in the first place.

If the relationship between you and the Au pair appears to be irretrievably compromised, please contact us as soon as possible. We will discuss with you, and the Au pair, what steps should be taken next.

How much pocket money do I have to pay my Au pair?

The pocket money we ask our host families to pay the aupair is a minimum of €110 per week.  As the average hours our host families ask their Au pair to be on duty lie between 22 and 30 hours per week – and a weekly €54 deduction is applicable for room and board – the approximate pocket money would amount to anything between €110 and €160 per week.

This depends on circumstances, e.g., how many hours per week you require assistance from your Au pair, whether the Au pair would have to spend a lot of money on bus fares when she wants to go out or go to her English class, whether or not you give your Au pair access to a car etc.

What will be the Au pair’s duties and responsibilities?

The Au pair will help and assist you for anything between 20 and 35 hours per week. Her duties will be primarily childcare related duties but she would also help you with light housework. The emphasis is on light. Whatever you would ask your adult daughter to help you with is what you can ask your Au pair as well. Remember: this is a cultural exchange programme and the Au pair is not here as a chef, gardener or cleaner. If possible, the Au pair should be provided with a schedule and timetable which should be agreed between Au pair and host family at the start of the Au pair’s stay.

What holidays are Au pairs entitled to?

Again, this is negotiable between Au pairs and their own host families. The agreement between host family and Au pair stipulates, however, that a minimum of one and a half days per month should be available as free days, on top of her weekly free days.

How many free days per week is an Au pair entitled to?

According to the agreement, your Au pair should have two days off per week, usually Saturday and Sunday, but at least Sunday and one other free day.

What are my duties as an Au pair Host Family?

Hosting an Au pair means you have to let her become part of your family, in other words, your Au pair has to be treated like an adult daughter in the house. You have to include your Au pair in your day-to-day family activities. As this is a cultural exchange programme, you have to ensure that your Au pair gets every opportunity to learn about Irish society and culture as well as to improve her English while she is here.

Is an Au pair right for us?

This is a question you should certainly ask yourself before taking on an Au pair. After all, not all Au pair placements work out. The reasons for occasional incompatibility are as diverse as people themselves but you should keep in mind some of the factors below before approaching us to find the right Au pair for you.


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